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emaimai Member Benefits
emaimai Member Benefits

The emaimai Wireless Wallet's secure system offers the following benefits to its members:

Safety. When you use the emaimai Wireless Wallet, all your sensitive information is stored on a secure server. The emaimai Wireless Wallet also reduces the chance of fraudulent activity on your account since the system employs three security mechanisms: your emaimai memberID, online password and PIN.

Ease of Use. Using the emaimai Wireless Wallet is fast and simple. There is no need to complete forms on the Internet or carry large amounts of cash or credit cards. Plus, the emaimai Wireless Wallet works from any phone and involves no purchase of new equipment or investment in sophisticated add-ons.

Pay for Goods and Services. The emaimai Wireless Wallet is designed to support a wide range of payment options for goods and services from both online and offline merchants. The emaimai Wireless Wallet can also be used for person-to-person payments as a simple and easy way for people to exchange money.

Control. The mobile phone gives members the ultimate control over their lives by way of communication. emaimai takes this a step further by using the phone as the safest and most accessible form of payment available today.

Loyalty Programs. The emaimai Wireless Wallet will offer its members the most rewarding loyalty program in the market today. members will be rewarded with points for the number and value of their transactions, making it faster and easier to receive valuable prizes. Members will also receive incentives from participating merchants as well as cash and prizes from emaimai for referring friends to use the system.