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emaimai Wireless Wallet Benefits

emaimai is committed to providing the most secure, easy to use and rewarding m-commerce solution to the greater Asia-Pacific region. emaimai recognizes the growth potential and demand for cellular services and applications and is at the forefront of delivering them to the market today. The emaimai Wireless Wallet solution offers compelling benefits for all who participate in the process -customers, merchants, and supporting providers.

How do Customers benefit from the emaimai Wireless Wallet?

In addition to using the emaimai Wireless Wallet to shop anywhere, anytime, with emaimai customers can also now shop safely and conveniently over the Internet. The emaimai Wireless Wallet eliminates the need to reveal your sensitive account information to online merchants as well as the need to provide your personal information each time you transact over the web. When using the emaimai Wireless Wallet, there is no transferal of highly sensitive payment and account information giving you unprecedented security in online commerce. Customers can also choose to receive immediate records of their online and offline purchases sent to their mobile phones via SMS messages and can keep records of their emaimai Wireless Wallet purchases at the emaimai site."

Beyond the security the emaimai Wireless Wallet affords the customer, the emaimai Wireless Wallet also rewards its members for using the service with the most innovative and rewarding loyalty program in the electronic payment market today. Each and every time customers use the system, and every time you refer a friend to try the emaimai Wireless Wallet, they will accumulate valuable points and credits to be used in a variety of ways.

How do Merchants benefit from the emaimai Wireless Wallet?

The high level of security offered by the the emaimai Wireless Wallet solution reduces the incidents of fraud and charge-backs experienced by merchants today using conventional means of payment.

Merchants also directly benefit from using the emaimai Wireless Wallet through the service's data mining capabilities, giving merchants information about their customers not available through any other means of business transactions. Studies have shown that direct and targeted marketing to customers using information gathered about their consumption habits results in increased sales of 20 to 400 times.

How do Providers benefit from the emaimai Wireless Wallet?

The opportunities for providers of supporting services are many when participating in the emaimai system. Providers of telephone services will recognize increased levels of usage of their systems driving increased usage charges. Participating financial institutions benefit from reduced rates of fraud and increased use of customers' and merchants' credit card accounts.